what are the haps


what are the haps

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TCAF has made me itch for way more fan interaction!  I want to hang out with my awesome readers online.

Time was, I had a forum on the site and updated the reader art page weekly, but when I removed the link to the forum and switched to Flickr tags for the fanart, that changed.  People still use the forum but it is its own thing now, and the Flickr tags take care of themselves.


- a new forum, maybe with some fancy new forum software.  This is probably the most straightforward.

- something novel and crazy?   I tried using a subreddit as a forum and it worked OKAY but never really got some traction.  That could be my fault, maybe it’s worth another try!

- Twitter?  I had the idea in the shower of a ad-hoc Twitter forum where everyone @replies a made-up name, say, @partyoclock, and then if you save a search for “@partyoclock” you’ve got a real-time forum that won’t spam your regular followers when you talk on it.  Kinda neat but I worry there’s not much potential for interaction between readers, because when you put @partyoclock AND @someoneElseWhoReplied in a tweet you’re running out of space to have a real conversation.

- putting something like Disqus under the comics, so there’s a community on the site.  I’m reluctant to do this though because I don’t want to spend all day moderating bad stuff, and I don’t want crap on the front page of qwantz.

- something even better and/or crazier?  What do you suggest?  How would YOU like to interact with strangers from the internet who share your excellent taste in comics?

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    You could visit Listening Room for lots of FUN BRO times!
  2. idefex answered: I am way cool with an IRC channel.
  3. metaneira answered: I think I only used the forums to make fun of Justin Pierce. However, I enjoy doing that and could be convinced to do so again. - Beth
  4. thingsatrexdoes answered: Raawwwwwwrrrrrrr!
  5. romanville answered: TaBB really was a lot more fun with the creators of the comics (i.e. you) active on them -Randy Johnson
  6. rozrawrz answered: I vote against putting comments on individual comic pages; I think a forum makes the most sense.
  7. shaaaretheloooad answered: REAL LIFE PARTIES
  8. zachhald answered: I like the idea of Twitter because it’s really accessible from anywhere.
  9. stoven answered: forum might get too crowded? how many views do you get each day now? either way i’m all over that idea. i can just yell.
  10. marelo answered: The forum seems like the best approach to me.
  11. jaytheblog answered: I agree with the IRC idea. I’m constantly on IRC anyway, so having an extra Dinasaur Comics server/channel would be awesome.
  12. bishopk answered: You could just come live at my house and we could interact all the time. Just you and I.
  13. mrfb answered: IRC! I miss the days of cool IRC rooms.
  14. kempffffffffffffffffffffffffffff answered: Start using Listeningroom or something similar!
  15. afterward answered: -TaBB worked really well while you were around so I support this.
  16. aesthetic-haver answered: I really like the IRC idea.
  17. threeboystuff answered: Tinychat is easy to embed but it’s also kinda dicks too.
  18. bobbielovessomeone answered: Have you ever considered an IRC channel? Link an in-browser java client from Qwantz and everyone can join easily.
  19. arikado answered: Forums might be your best bet. I think it’d be more accessible to large groups of people. Also hi I hope I am not pestering you or anything..
  20. jenperiph answered: I’ll just say whatever you end up using, I’ll be there!
  21. lichtstrom answered: Real-time chat - twitter or some shoutbox thing - is my favorite. I don’t prefer forums unless there are real topics involved.
  22. thepuppydog26 answered: Really, I like the twitter idea best BUT the character limit is tough. You could make a tumblr where everyone can submit?
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