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what are the haps

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It feels crazy that I have to say this, but I would pay good money for a version of Red Letter Media’s reviews that didn’t feature all those added scenes where, you know women get kidnapped and murdered.  

It’s like you sit down in front of these feature-length reviews of Star Wars and Star Trek films and you think, hey, wow!  Here is some really well-thought-out commentary on the structure and content of narratives that’s incredibly entertaining, insightful AND funny, I’m gonna share this with my mothe— oh wait, no, here’s a scene where we watch the reviewer gas a kidnapped woman to death and here’s one where a prostitute tied up in the basement begs for her life and here’s one where he shows us how he murdered his wife.

There’s some great filmic insights here, all baked together with scenes of women (it’s always women) about to be murdered that do absolutely nothing except to maybe make you laugh?  Because look that one woman is begging that her life be spared and saying she’ll do anything!  Hah hah hah that IS a good one!!

It’s so frustrating because the actual review parts verge on brilliant, and I keep thinking “oh, they’ll definitely cut out the violence towards women played for laughs in the next video” but noooooooooooope.

tl;dr: internet, what is wrong with you

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    I dunno, but this shit is great.
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    Reblogging because Bogleech is awesome and this is a really good critical analysis of a critical analysis. And I’m a...
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    reblogging this once more because it really can’t be said enough times
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    I’ve always assumed that those bits were supposed to be terrifying, since they are to me, but maybe I’m just assuming...
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    I think the main part in these videos was that he was showing that he could capture the interest of the viewers and tell...
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    Reblogging this because I HAVE BEEN ONE OF THOSE WOMEN BEGGING FOR HER LIFE, and the person who put me in that situation...
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    Hardcore truth. I had to stop watching because of the above.
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    THIS. SO MUCH THIS. The reviews are AWESOME…except for the whole abuse thing. Not cool man.
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    So much this.
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    Agreed, while I don’t agree with what he says a good deal of the time, his analytical parts are superb and I really do...
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    his writing style is wonderful, but he should stick to the topics he’s good at
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    -isms (and also making smug/condescending “SJ Sally” jokes when people disagree with him)—I
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    Bogleech occasionally has good posts but I think he has a really really bad habit of Missing the Point when it comes to...
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    Okay seriously, what...a review?!? WHY?!?!?
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    Everytime I show them to people I have to apologise for those parts. They’re just… ughghrghhg. WHY. The reviews are good...
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    I totally agree with the above, but would go further and say; why not a ‘phantom edit’ of these commantaries? There...
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