what are the haps


what are the haps

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Earlier this year, I posted this, where I talked about my wife Jenn’s recent cancer diagnosis and how treatment would be starting soon.  I haven’t really posted anything since then, and I’m sorry!  I’d thought “no news is good news” but it turns out the more rational response people have to “we’re fighting lymphoma” and then no updates for the better part of a year is some friendly concern.  Sorry for leaving everyone in the dark so long.

So: UPDATES.  Jenn had her last chemotherapy treatment two weeks ago (she was the best at chemotherapy) and right now she’s getting a CT scan in preparation for our first meeting with the radiologist.  We’re expecting about a month of targeted, daily radiation, which is designed to make as sure as we can that her tumour is dead.  Soon doctors will be tattooing a target on her chest that they’ll aim radiation at, using a laser for guidance.  It’s a pretty awesome future we live in, even if that target tattoo is just a tiny dot and not an alternating red-and-white series of concentric circles.  But whatever, we can get that ink later.

So that is where we’re at!  If all goes well treatment will be done by December, and then the focus is on recovery, which may also take a while: chemo takes a lot out of you.  Thanks for all the messages of support you’ve sent, and for being so understanding with my “Dinosaur Comics returns Monday” thing I’ve been doing on Fridays.

  1. coffeeismycopilot said: Jimeny Christmas! You’re a lovely guy! Wish you and Jen all the best.
  2. translucentdeceptions said: Anti-tumour laser bullseye is such an awesome tattoo concept. Best of luck with the rest of the treatment, and don’t worry about the returning Monday stuff. There are literally years of material we can read in the archives for our Friday Qwantz fix.
  3. luthermania said: May God continue to bless both of you with His love and strength. Make sure your wife stays well hydrated too.
  4. truedeviance said: Good luck to the both of you!
  5. raptordevitesse said: What is it with cartoonists’ partners getting cancer (Randall Munroe). Are you guys exceptionally radioactive?
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