what are the haps


what are the haps

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Here’s a selection of the responses from the Adventure Time launch yesterday.  If it’s sold out in your area, you can still buy the comic digitally!  There was actually a line up to buy Adventure Time outside my local store, The Beguiling, before they opened this morning.  This is incredible.  I snuck in and signed a bunch of the copies there, plus we’re having an event Saturday afternoon!

There’s already been some terrific reviews: this 8-year-old rated it five stars in a pretty awesome review and this adult over at MTV wrote an extremely awesome review where things like “may be a new all-ages classic" and "If there’s one thing I can say about Adventure Time #1 from BOOM!, it’s that this is the most frickin’ adorable comic I’ve read all month, and maybe all year." and "Here, an old enemy returns, and the fate of the world really does seem at stake here. That’s a tricky balance to do, and really only something like Ghostbusters has successfully done this before. Now there’s also Adventure Time #1."  Comparisons to Ghostbusters: amazing!

Thank you all for being so great and liking my comics!  I was looking over the pencils for Issue 2 last night and it is going to be INSANE (IN THE BEST SENSE OF THAT WORD).

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