what are the haps


what are the haps

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This year I took Emily’s idea and extended it to the realm of DIGITAL INTERACTIVE ART.  Again, only to the first bit of the year, because I stopped due to Circumstances.

  • Amnesia - The Dark Descent - survival horror, only you don’t have any weapons and can’t hurt anyone. Get into the mood and it’s terrific - I screamed out loud several times, which never happens in a game for me! The scares don’t come as much from startling you as they do in most “scary” games.  I am literally scared when I play this game.
  • Bionic Commando Reloaded - a remake of the NES game. Fun for a while.
  • Burn Zombie Burn - An arena shooter where you kill zombies until you die. Fun, but these games all end up make me wishing I was playing Crimsonland instead, which is the best version of these types of games that I’ve ever played. CRIMSONLAND IS SO GOOD, YOU GUYS
  • Zombie Driver - basically exactly like GTA except the pedestrains are more varied and also zombies and you can’t get out of your car. It’s okay.
  • Civ IV - Victor got me Civ V for Christmas but I’d already bought this on Steam for like $5 so I haven’t installed V yet. IV remains as addictive as ever and I’ve already been late for one appointment because of it.
  • Mario Galaxy 2 - I think this might be the best Mario game ever. If not, it’s tied with Mario 3!  So good: perfect, deeply-satisfying platforming.
  • Kirby’s Epic Yarn - fun two-player co-op and almost over-the-top cute.
  • Crimsonland - I keep coming back to this; it is the first arena-based shooter I’ve played and I would argue it remains the best. I’ve tried lots of other games that are similar (including Nation Red, which pays homage to Crimsonland so much that they even synonmized their title) but they’re not as fun. I ran through this whole game again at the end of February.
  • Legend of Zelda: A Link To The Past: Jenn and I have been playing the Zelda games over the past few years and this is our first 16-bit one. People are right: it’s good! I have the problem where I play it for six hours a night and then get frustrated and don’t play it for a few weeks though. With Majora’s Mask and the other 3D ones I never did that. INTERESTING??
  • Hitman: Blood Money: A game where you murder dudes, but which can be played as a sneaky game: one of my favourite genres! I like how open-ended it is. Sam Fisher games seemed to be more linear, while this Hitman game generally has several ways you can complete the mission (even if you’re playing as a sneaky guy!) I like how it gives you the option to be clever: see a pervert sniffing underwear and you can pour ether on the underwear when he’s not looking so he knocks himself out next sniff. That is a very satisfying thing to watch.
  • VVVVVV - started playing this early in the year and didn’t get too far, but I started again on the train and almost beat it when the train arrived in Montreal (there was about 5 minutes of gameplay left to do). I liked it! There’s one mechanic in the game but it’s explored really well, by the end you’ve done a lot of the things you can do by flipping your personal gravity, which is the only thing you can do in the game! There were several points where I said “Oh, that’s cool” and showed Joey.
  • Broken Sword - Shadow of the Templars (Director’s Edition): an adventure game done kinda in the LucasArts style, but more cinematically and with a focus on story. Surprisingly good! The cut scenes were a bit oddly cut (I believe this is due to the Director changing thon’s mind) but it was a good game for Jenn and I to play together. Jenn wished there were more puzzles; I liked that it had a train-top scene. A good sense of humour in the game when you asked your character to do stupid things (showing a dirty tissue to people made him say things like “Check this out - a dirty tissue!” in a really excited way). When we beat it Jenn and I got the next two games in the series; Steam is an addictive drug.
  • Portal 2 - it was good, obviously, but it wasn’t surprising like the first Portal was and I thought it dragged in the middle. A lot of puzzles could be solved by brute force: put portals in the few places you can and see what happens. I also thought the ending was really sad: you’re out in the world without this amazing portal device anymore, and I can’t see being happy about giving that up. THAT SAID, the beginning and ending were perfect. 
  • Minecraft - I used to play only single player to avoid getting TOO addicted, but then I got invited to a multiplayer server and oh my god i’m doomed
  • Duke Nukem Forever - disappointing, even with lowered expectations. The charm and (yes) grace of the original got replaced with a part where you slap alien breasts growing out of the wall and milk comes out and blurs your vision. Yep.  I think it actually ruined the entire character and franchise for me, which is saying something.

Up next: the last part of this series: MOVIES.

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